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About 10h.Dev

Hi, I’m Nick (@nickfrosty) and I run 10h.Dev (short for “10 hour developer”). I decided to start this web dev blog to share my findings, experiences, and code snippets for other to read/use.

Really, it has become my online home to share my various code projects and

Why “10 hour developer”?

We all live busy lives. Jobs, families, and other responsibilities are things we traverse around. These things all take time out of our day, for better or worse.

As for me, when all is said and done, I have about 10 hours a week to work on developer projects. So that’s how I came up with the name. Also because this super short domain was available. So I thought “what the heck?!” Let’s do it!


Code Snippets

Loaded with free code snippets. Here at 10hDev, I am all about sharing code. And when needed, explaining it too.

Real Engagement

Web Dev Tutorials

Full of all sorts of “how to” tutorials for various web dev topics and coding languages.

Unique Stories

Open Source

All of the code snippets and code examples published here are open source. Feel free to use any and all of it in production.

Some of My Code Projects

From my many code projects, these are some of the favorites out in the wild!


personal finance app

This personal finance app enables people, families, and freelancers to better handle of their finances. Track spending and manage bills. Even share it all with fellow group members.
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open source url shortener

The fiish url shortener is a free, open source, and custom url shortener. Available on GitHub, this is my first crack into “open source” development. Starting out simple, soon to be more.
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